Smith & Union


Smith and Union is a production/casting company based in Southern California. I was approached by Heather Smith, the founder and director, asking for creative direction, a complete rebranding, and a fresh website design to relaunch her brand in 2013. After establishing our design direction and a brandmark, I worked with copywriter Adam Sherritt, creative and founder of Korduroy Cyrus Sutton, and programmer and cms designer Sean Moe in completing the project. One of my favorite projects I've been involved with and love the way everything has turned out. 


Our solution was to shoot the series on a custom built plexiglass "lazy susan", manufactured to follow the contours of the topographical outsole.



Client: Smith x Union
Creative Director: Dersu Rhodes
Photographer: Bil Zelman
Copywriters: Adam Sherrett + Cyrus Sutton
Developer: Sean Moe