ART Direction

Nike SB — P-Rod 8 Media Launch


Nike approached our team about producing the product shots for their print and digital release of their P-Rod 8. The design aesthetic of the campaign was clean, technical, and athletic, and we needed to showcase 360 degrees of features. 


Our solution was to shoot the series on a custom built plexiglass "lazy susan", manufactured to follow the contours of the topographical outsole.


The final delivery of the campaign was to shoot Paul in his element. We hired a set of L.A.'s finest skate ramp builders and built a ramp in the middle of a b-ball court so we could capture the shoes in action.


I also managed to snap a few BTS photos on the day of the shoot.

And Hypebeast threw it up on their homepage which had my inner skate bro proudly claiming it...



Art/Design Director: Dersu Rhodes
Photographer: Kevin Henderson
Retoucher: Christoffer Meyer
Producer: Travis Mitchell and Andrew Courtien
Client: Nike
Agency: Vice