Honored To Be Featured On Working Not Working


WNW Member Dersu Rhodes is a Venice-based creative and hirer on Working Not Working. In our interview below, Dersu offers generous insights into his process on both sides of the coin as Design Director at Vice. From creating verticals for Vice like its women's channel Broadly and lifestyle channel Viceland, to searching for creatives who are as passionate as he is about making original and meaningful work, Dersu both embodies and embraces the spirit of Vice. "Vice has said 'fuck you' to offshore drilling, pipelines, discrimination of all ethnicities and sexual orientation, and I full-heartedly stand behind that. I’m 100% ready to chain myself to some trees and hopefully VICE will let me use my PTO." 

Dersu repeatedly stresses that every endeavor for Vice involves extensive collaboration among creative minds. And they're always on the lookout for more impassioned makers and thinkers. When we ask Dersu what advice he can offer to creatives interested in working at Vice, he cuts to the chase: "Email me if you want to work with us and also if you want to be involved in taking your talent and using it to take a stand against the dark shit that could possibly be coming."


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Dersu Rhodes